About Elena Essex

I'm Elena Essex, an illustrator based in Hove, UK. I love to create designs that make my heart beat a little bit faster and hopefully, yours too.

I’m a fan of colour and wildlife (you may have guessed this!) and as a mother of 4 lively children, I enjoy creating illustrations and patterns that are as beautiful (but maybe not as chaotic!), as my family life.

Growing up, and now as a family, we’ve always loved puzzles, and so in 2020, I decided to make the leap and start my own family-run puzzle business. I’ve been blown away by the love and support of our customers and the puzzling community who have helped make our first two puzzles a success and given me the courage to broaden our range. So this year I’m adding four more 1000 piece puzzles designs to our range and I can’t wait to share them with you all. Watch this space or follow my Instagram page for more exciting updates. And thank you for your continued support.

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