Immerse yourself in the magic of the ocean with the Night Reef by Elena Essex. This premium quality jigsaw puzzle for adults is 1000 pieces and is beautiful enough to frame when finished. Puzzle Size 70x50cm.

Elena Essex Night Reef 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Immerse yourself in the magic of the ocean with the Night Reef by Elena Essex.


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Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 27.9 × 21 × 4 cm

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I love it!

We've not finished yet, but this puzzle is great! It's well constructed and the colors are beautiful. There was no annoying puzzle dust which is really just an added bonus. This puzzle is challenging but that's how I like it!

High Quality- Love it!

Super high-quality puzzle; worth every cent. No pieces came stuck together. I love the image, and the colors are bright and beautiful. I ended up buying a frame for it and I'm hanging it up in my house.


Fun puzzle with insanely cute artwork!!!

This artwork is absolutely adorable. I’m so obsessed with the punchbug!!! And the vintage typewriter. Reminds me of my beloved idol Angela Lansbury aka JB Fletcher. There are so many tiny details that made assembling this puzzle so fun and easy. All the ticket stubs were also some of my first things to assemble. The colors just popped! And I adore all things Elena Essex. Her puzzles are always such great quality! And I love the ones in this newest launch! While I was working on this, I couldn’t help but wonder what items would make my “favorite things” puzzle. Definitely Clemson, my kiiramendenhall painting, Murder She Wrote, my Stanley cup, my two fur babies, plants, my kitchen aid, Hadley pottery, The Avetts and of course - Elena Essex puzzles! Highly recommend! ThePuzzledTurtle - instagram

Gorgeous, with just the right piece fit

I've been on a puzzle spree. In my childhood, I had a cork-backed puzzle that had the most satisfying fitting pieces. For some reason, no modern companies seem to do cork backs, so I've been buying one puzzle from every major brand to see how the modern cardboard puzzles hold up. Clementoni - thick pieces but quite a few had peeling backs or split edges. A lot of stuck together pieces, like the die was dull. Fairly crumbly/loose-fitting--cannot pick up sections and move them easily. Ravensburger - thick pieces, good quality. VERY crumbly/loose-fitting--cannot pick up sections and move them at all. Masterpieces - almost too tight of fit, not easy to disassemble Buffalo - too shiny, much glare. Good fit, but quite a few split edges/peeling. Cobble Hill - I don't remember specifics, to be honest, but I do remember enjoying it. And finally, this Elena Essex puzzle. The pieces aren't super think like Ravensburger or Clementoni, but they are thick enough. They have a nice matte finish so glare won't get in your way. The cut was perfect. I didn't have any pieces not fully cut. The fit was also perfect. Which is to say, just tight enough to transfer groups of assembled pieces, but just loose enough to make taking it apart pretty easy. So functionality-wise, this is the best puzzle so far. And I love super bright puzzles, so the image was perfect. The color gradient with the black background is just stunning. I will definitely be looking for Elena Essex puzzles again.


El mejor rompecabezas que he armado

Excelente rompecabezas, las piezas embonan muy bien, cuando lo desempaqué no venían pegadas (luego, cuando he comprado rompecabezas de Cavellini las piezas vienen pegadas en grupos de dos o de tres; ya que la máquina las cortó pero no las separó totalmente). Tardamos tres días en armarlo entre tres personas, fue bastante retador debido al fondo negro y el gradiente de color rojo azul que tiene. Si les gusta armar rompecabezas entre familia, ésta es una excelente opción. Además, tanto la caja, como la tarjetita de presentación que trae y el póster de guía son de muy buena calidad. Con gusto compraré otros rompecabezas de Elena Essex en el futuro. Trae un total de 1008 piezas (un rectángulo de 48 x 25 piezas), con dimensiones de 70 x 50.5 cm. Trajo todas las piezas, NO faltó ninguna.


Beautiful puzzle

Beautiful gradient puzzle with an added sealife twist. Enjoyable to complete. Pieces are sturdy and fit together nicely

Suzi Q

Beautiful, and a pleasure to build

Really stunning picture, it was very pleasant to move through the shades as I worked my way across. Pieces are well cut and didn't jump apart at the slightest touch like cheaper puzzles. I'll be sending this on to my parents for them to enjoy next.


Loved it!

Perfect puzzle.

Truly gorgeous

This puzzle was fun and challenging, and the end result is stunning!

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